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We connect small flexibilities to the power grid.

Decarbon1ze develops smart solutions for metering and billing the consumption of individual electric appliances. Targeted incentives for small electric devices allow for concerted control of the electric power flow. New services emerge based on specific electricity plans for electric heating and driving.

Our team of Decarbon1ze unites the knowledge and experience of pioneers of behind-the-meter solutions. With our services, individual climate protection at home and on the road will become both easier and more accessible.

Emissions budget per year1

in Megatons (Mt) CO2 equivalents

Electricity demand2 in Terrawatt hours [TWh]

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We have to cut emissions from transportation and buildings in half.1 This drives the demand for renewably sourced electricity.2

Smart solutions for renewable heating and driving.

Renewable electricity must increasingly replace oil and gas, also for heating and driving. This drives consumption: sector coupling will soon require two to three times the amount of today’s renewable energy production. Energy production must be ramped up at unprecedented speed. Because the power grid cannot store electricity, we need smart, controllable electric appliances that use energy whenever it is plentiful. Otherwise, renewable production will have to be shut down in times of strong winds or clear skies.

We enable a mass market of small flexibilities by connecting individually controlled and billed appliances to the power grid in Germany’s 40 million private households and beyond.

decarbon1ze offers new perspectives for suppliers of renewable heat and mobility, for grid balancing, and for an accelerated switch to renewable heating in the building stock.

FlexMC: Configuring the smart meter gateway for small flexibilities.

If conditions are right, the control of small appliances can also serve the balancing of supply and demand in the power grid. A low-threshold wireless connection of near-device submeters to the smart meter gateway (SMGW) enables new energy services. With our partners 50Hertz and Theben, Decarbon1ze develops a new configuration of the smart meter gateway to make the controlling of small flexibilities easy and attractive.