decarbon1ze develops smart solutions for metering and billing individual electric appliances, enabling smart tariffs behind-the-meter in virtual power networks. The digital layer also facilitates new solutions for PV use in multi-family homes and smart districts.


Direct supply for EVs wherever they charge. Virtual balancing for mobile assets.

The virtual power network creates a digital overlay of the balancing area and ensures that every (mobile) metering point can be supplied and balanced. One contracting party, one billing address, one (virtual) network number. Wherever your car is parked and charged: Direct supply with your energy of choice is secured.


Green Heat

Use it or lose it. Virtual balancing for flexible load avoids curtailment.

Individual virtual balancing for flexible appliances behind-the-meter also makes sense for other assets. Immersion heaters in hot water boilers of multi-family homes, for example, can use wind energy for hot water (as additional load only), whenever grid operators would have to call for curtailment of renewable energy generation in times of excess supply.

Green Heat

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FlexMC: Configuring the smart meter gateway for small flexibilities.

If conditions are right, the control of small appliances can also serve the balance of supply and demand in the power grid. A low-threshold wireless connection of near-device submeters to the smart meter gateway (SMGW) enables new energy services. With our partners 50Hertz and Theben, DECARBON1ZE develops a new configuration of the smart meter gateway to make controlling small flexibilities easy and attractive.

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