We have the EV fuel card!

Your employees can charge the company car at home? We have the EV fuel card. Virtual balancing ensures that every charging transaction of a standard wallbox or charging station is matched with the individual tariff and billing partner. For company fleets, this means that every charging transaction of your employees is billed to exactly one account โ€“ even when charging at home. No reimbursement required.

Your charging green electricity?

Make that to go! Virtual balancing lets you take your electricity tariff wherever you go, to make sure that you charge your energy of choice even when not parked at your charging spot at home. Charge your own electricity at public charging stations.

Charging for residents or customers?

Combine mobile electricity and default supply. Charging infrastructure offered by municipalities or public providers is more attractive, if users can chose their own tariff. For customers without direct supply, the default supply ensures basic services.

PRESS RELEASE | Berlin, June 9th, 2023

50Hertz, decarbon1ze, LichtBlick and Stromnetz Berlin seek to facilitate system-oriented EV-charging


Efficient and comfortable for employers and employees.

Company charging.

Using standard charging hardware, we match all charging transactions to the individual tariff, contract, and billing partner. Everything is billed to one account. No reimbursement. Tax deductible. This is how direct supply works.

Free choice of supply, even en route.

Charge your own energy anywhere.

The Federal Network Agency has ruled that EV users should be able to charge in their tariff of choice at public stations. Charging stations should enable direct supply. Users without mobile tariff charge conventionally.