Green Heat

Green Heat

Use it or lose it.

5,9 TWh Curtailed wind energy roughly equals the energy required for heating 250.000 multi-family homes. For one year.

More and more often, bottle necks in the grid cause curtailment of renewable energy generation. Flexible devices at the local and regional levels can be targeted specifically to use electricity in times of abundant supply. Small assets like EVs or electric heating are pooled in the virtual power network and can help to avoid curtailment.

Extend your gas supply with wind energy.

Many gas-fired central heating systems are comparatively new, especially in multi-family homes. But immersion heaters in hot-water boilers can often be retrofit at low cost. You can then store abundant wind or solar power in hot water, whenever curtailment would be the alternative. Gas remains in storage and is available when green electricity is scarce.

Control, meter, balance.

The decarbon1zer is a near-device meter, that can be installed behind the meter and enables control, metering and billing of flexible assets. Electric appliances can be pooled as flexible load. Immersion heaters are activated, whenever green production would otherwise be lost.

The decarbon1zer

Near device metering and control module. Enables direct activation of flexible load whenever it is needed in the power grid. 15 minute metering and transaction based balancing. Designed and built with love and more than 10 years of experience in mobile metering. First prototypes installed in Berlin.

Heat your home with green energy faster.

The Pilot

Single family homes are fine. Rooftop PV, heat pump, EV. Multi-family homes are left holding the bag. No longer! In our pilot objects, we retrofit multi-family homes with immersion heaters and supplement fossil fuel supply with green electricity. Because faster is better.